How Does 360 Eats Work for Drivers

Earn on your schedule

Become your own boss – without office or bosses – Earn money while you deliver food

360 Eats delivery is a four-step process for partners:

1. Sign up
Visit to begin the sign-up process in minutes. Download the app and get started on your activation. If activated, you will be able to accept deliveries.

2. Receive a delivery request
Users will place a food order through the 360 Eats app. Once placed, a nearby delivery partner will be contacted and offered that order for pickup and delivery.

3. Pick up the food from the restaurant
If you accept delivery, grab your car, bike, scooter, or even shoes and head to the restaurant to pick up the delivery order. The 360 Eats app will guide drivers to the pickup and dropoff locations. (Bike, scooter, and walking options aren’t available in every city).

4. Drop off the food to the customer
Once picked up, delivery partners will navigate to the customer’s location to drop off the meal. Since transactions and payments are handled directly through the 360 Eats app, the delivery process is straightforward for delivery partners.

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Delivery With 360 Eats
Delivering with 360r Eats is a great way to diversify income.

360 Eats Delivery Driver Requirements
Be at least 19 years of age or older
Have a vehicle that fits the 360 Eats vehicle requirements. In most cases, any vehicle is accepted.
Have a driver’s license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration
Have at least one year of driving experience

360 Eats Pay
360 Eats delivery partners get paid every three days. Payments are processed through the delivery app via the customer’s credit card, so drivers don’t have to carry cash or worry about taking payment directly.

Driver pay is based on the delivery fee for the order, which can vary based on a few factors. These include:

The delivery fee (100%)
Order percent (3%-5%)
Surge pricing (which can apply if demand for delivery from a particular restaurant is high)
Delivery drivers can receive tips from 360 Eats customers via the app (though tips are not required).

360 Eats: A Solid Income Supplement
As you can see, adding 360 Eats Delivery to your portfolio has the ability to diversify your income streams and provide you with more ways of making money on your own schedule.

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