Bank Account & Referral Program

After being approved as a driver, you must add your bank account. Also, you can use your invitation code to earn extra money.

Adding/Updating your banking information

-In the APP, go to Profile —> Bank Info.

-To add your bank account details, proceed to fill up the form and select “Save.”

-To edit your bank account details, proceed to update your information on the form and select “Save.”

Referral Program

Invite friends to sign up using your unique invite code, and you can make extra money after they complete their first set of trips.

To redeem a referral incentive, the person you invited to sign up as a driver-partner with 360 Eats, must sign up for the first time using your referral code at the time of signup; and must complete a TEN (10) deliveries in the first Thirty (30) days after sign up.

Your referral incentives will be added to your account once your invitee completes the required deliveries, and will appear in your payment statement. If your invitee does not complete the required number of deliveries within the specified time frame, you will no longer qualify for the referral incentive.

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